Product Design

…is the activity of configuring and documenting an object before it is fabricated.  When you think about all the considerations involved relating to usability, manufacturability, and marketing appeal, the undertaking is quite daunting.  The enormous task of integrating the many variables as is necessary to give form and substance to a new product requires skills that are not required for the day-to-day operation of a manufacturing facility.  This is an ideal situation to bring in a consultant.

Coe Design Industries is dedicated to applying proven design methods with modern techniques.  We combine creative innovation with engineering, perceptual psychology and regard for human physiology to give a product that “feels good” functionality and user confidence.  All projects are developed as three-dimensional digital computer models that directly translate to provide documentation for review, manufacture and quality control with absolute accuracy.  The same digital models provide virtual photographs and animated video for review and presentation. We can easily publish CAD assemblies to email sized files of 3-D models that can be spatially manipulated, disassembled and sectioned on a client’s nominally powered computer with a free viewer application.

Innovation is not a common ability − it has to be a way of life.  For a seasoned design professional, innovation IS the way of life.  As such, the ability to innovate is not a random occurrence but is a well tuned skill set.  Thorough intimacy with solid geometry is basic to working in three dimensions.  A solid intuition for static and dynamic loads is critical for anything physical.  You have to know about the materials to resist those loads, plus knowledge about aerodynamic, electrical, electronic, metal working, molding, pneumatic, hydraulic and other technologies.  And then there is the tooling and fixtures required to form those materials so that they fit together to become a sharp looking product that is “a thing of beauty and a joy forever.”

Early in the conceptualization of a new product it is important to focus on the basic form and function without getting distracted by details. Every possible approach needs to be looked at in order to evaluate and select the best one to develop. Computers are incredible design tools, but they don’t work well with soft concepts. There is still nothing like free-hand drawing for developing and communicating ideas.

As a generalist design shop we find that working in many product areas is very beneficial.  Crossover techniques and technologies result from fresh ideas from different industries.  Experience designing assembly equipment provides important insight for designing products that go together well.  The services that we provide cover the new product development process all the way from the first concepts to implementation with in-house or job shop fabrication.  We do patent drawings and can provide that first draft to start the process with a patent attorney.  We can provide working prototypes and any type of renderings required for on-line or print presentation, as well as logotype design, corporate identity and branding.